The Services I Offer You

- Comprehensive and complex point of view at problems or questions (psychological counselling and psychotherapy). 

- Deep, calm and refreshing relaxation with professional support (relaxation, imagination, hypnosis). 

- Training and educational seminars concentrated on varied themes (e.g. asertivity, stress and coping, mental and work hygiene, communication skills, self-development, time-management, coaching, conflict management...). 

- Psychological assessment

- Neurorehabilitation by software NEUROP-II. 

- On-line counselling (e.g. by emails or Skype software). 

- Coaching and Supervision - individual, group and team coaching/supervision. 

I offer you psychological services comply with the EU/USA professional and ethical standards. I have no contracts to insurance companies, so I would offer you every services in absolute secrecy. 

Expenses on one session (one-hour meeting) from 600,- Kč CZE (30€ EURs; 35$ Dollars) 

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